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Todd "T.C." Evans

Patrol Rosters & Bios - Dollar Ski Patrol




SPECIALIZATION:  Medical Instruction

SUMMER PROFESSION:  Board Certified Flight Paramedic

BIRTHPLACE:  Fayetteville, NC


PAST PROFESSIONS:  Critical Care Ground Ambulance Paramedic, Firefighter, Teacher, Professional Rodeo Clown Bullfighter, United States Marine, Equipment Operator.

HOBBIES: Rock Climbing, Skiing, Jet Skiing

FAVORITE THING ABOUT THE JOB:  I love being able to help people enjoy the amazing sport of snow sports

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FAMILY:  Wife Vanessa, Son Trace, Son Tegan and Daughter TyLee

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:  I am just so proud to be a member of SVSP.  This is an amazing place and a wonderful group of people.  The best of the best!